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WWE is teasing Kurt Angle as General Manager of Raw

WWE is teasing Kurt Angle as General Manager of Raw

Source: WWE


To paraphrase Enzo Amore, what do we have over here? yesterday (March 24) posted an article speculated about the vacany Stephanie McMahon created on Raw last Monday night when she fired Mick Foley from the General Manager position he’d held since the start of the new brand split era.

After name-dropping Raw’s former “sheriff”, Stone Cold Steve Austin, their list of “5 Superstars who could replace Mick Foley as Raw General Manager” pretty much runs down the more exciting/controversial men who’ll be involved in next Friday’s Hall of Fame ceremony: former GM and DDP inductor Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette, who’s returning to do the honors for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Beth Phoenix’s husband, Edge, and the headliner, Kurt Angle.

It’s the last one which will trigger the most excitement, as it lines up with reports WWE will find a way to use the Olympic Gold Medalist on television after next Sunday’s WrestleMania, as well as a whole mess of fantasy booking fans have been doing ever since Angle’s return to WWE was announced back in January.

The website’s write-up on why Kurt tops their list covers most of the bases rumors have, as well – including teasing the possibility a GM role could lead to occassional matches in the future without a full-time return to the ring:

OK, so hear us out. Throughout his career, Kurt Angle has worn a lot of hats – sometimes literal ones of the tiny cowboy variety. Among the most pertinent of them, however, was his position as SmackDown’s General Manager for a time in 2004. Granted, Mr. McMahon put that to an end when he discovered Angle was feigning the neck issues that had led him to accept the job in the first place. Now, however, Angle is returning to WWE, and – as far as we know – he has no plans to put on the straps again. Therefore, the time is more opportune than ever for The Olympic Hero to assume the position of General Manager. Not only would Angle have plenty of wisdom to impart to a locker room that has followed the world-traveled path of his career, but the former World Champion and future WWE Hall of Famer is assured to stay true (damn true) to his past work.

It’s just speculation at this point – albeit from a pretty official source – but where there’s smoke…

Do you think our Olympic hero is our next Raw General Manager?