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Random: Check Out This Travel Nintendo Switch DIY Dock

Random: Check Out This Travel Nintendo Switch DIY Dock

Now 75% smaller!


The Nintendo Switch is marketed as a home console first, even though the guts of the system are in the portable tablet. The dock which connects to the TV honestly not that great, though. Not only are there widespread complaints of poorly manufactured docks scratching the displays of Switch units, but they’re also rather bulky considering the limited tech included in them.

Reddit user Jolimon recently took it upon themselves to upgrade the Switch dock a bit, and the results are rather impressive. After 3D printing a significantly smaller chassis, Jolimon removed the internal components of the dock and transplanted them into the new one. This new dock has a greatly reduced form factor and also allows one to have a longer USB cable so it can be stored easily behind a TV. While the design of it is still being worked out, Jolimon has said that they’ll likely start taking orders once manufacturing is planned.